New and Fairly New Annuals


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Alternanthera: Grow in full sun to part shade and well drained soil; only available in 4.5” pots.

Alternanthera 'Brazilian Red Hots'‘Brazilian Red Hots’: Bright pink and purple; an upright grower; 18″ tall by 10-12′ wide.





Alternanthera 'Party Time'‘Party Time’: Bright pink and green, upright foliage that obviates the need for flowers.





gryphoneBegonia ‘Gryphon’: Grow this one for its showy, silver and dark green, large, divided, tropical looking foliage; tolerates forgetful waterers; use outdoors for the summer and bring indoors at the end of the season); morning sun to shade; will probably be 12-18” high and wide by end of summer; available in 4.5” pots.





Begonia boliviensis: A floral powerhouse; arching, pendulous stems covered in hundreds of flowers and dark green pointed leaves; grows vigorously to fill a 14”pot; fabulous in hanging baskets and containers; unperturbed by full sun, part shade or wind; available as hanging basket.

 Begonia boliviensis 'Bon Fire'  ‘Bonfire’: Bright, satiny orange-red flowers.






009 4669 Begonia, Beauvilia WhiteBeauvilia ® White





Begonia Beauvilia Yellow-pinterest.comBeauvilia ® Yellow 






Begonia Million Kisses: available in 4.5” pot.      

Begonia 'Million Kisses Elegance'-acornfarms

‘Elegance’: Similar in form to ‘Bonfire’ but has pale salmon outer petals and white inner petals for a softer look; best in partial shade or morning sun.






Begonia Million Kisses 'Devotion'

 ‘Devotion’: Same as ‘Elegance’ but reddish orange.






Coleus – Sun Series (18-24”) – Cultivars are constantly changing; I’ll do my best

    Big Blonde‘Big Blonde’: Selected for its sun tolerance; thrives in hot, sunny conditions; burgundy  stems with bold yellow leaves that have a burgundy center vein; 24-30”.






Dark Star‘Dark Star’: Purple foliage that glows with a subtle sheen; nicely shaped scalloped edge.






Defiance‘Defiance’: Burgundy to raspberry with wide creamy yellow edge; 18-24”.






Dipt In Wine‘Dipt in Wine’: Burgundy and chartreuse; 24”.






Coleus 'Fishnet Stockings'iserve.netFishnet Stockings’: Wide, bright green leaves with sharply contrasting deep purple Veining; 24-30”.






Coleus 'Freckles' ‘Freckles’: Creamy yellow, bronze and orange splotches; 14-18”.






Coleus 'Inky Fingers'‘Inky Fingers’: Irregularly lobed green leaves with dark maroon centers; 2’.





Coleus 'Kingswood Torch' ‘Kingswood Torch’: Flaming magenta foliage that is overlaid with orange and burgundy; 24-36”.




Coleus 'Kiwi Fern' Kiwi Fern’: Very distinctive, slender, burgundy, fern-like leaves edged in gold; 18-24”.





Coleus 'Limon Blush'  ‘Limon Blush’: Features a changing pattern of irregularly lobed green, honey yellow, pink, and cream; 10-16”.







Coleus 'Pink Chaos'‘Pink Chaos’: Chaotic fusion of bright pink, mint-green, and white; 6-12”.






Coleus 'Religious Radish'‘Religious Radish’: Warm red foliage that is flushed with almost black markings; 24-40”






Coleus 'Sedona'‘Sedona’: Glowing orange leaves splashed with deeper orange; 12-24”.






Coleus 'Sky Fire'‘Sky Fire’: Jagged wine-red leaves are deepest burgundy at the base shading to rose towards a creamy edge; 18-24”.






Coleus 'Splash'‘Splash’: Chartreuse with large splotches; 24-30.







Coleus 'Stormy Weather'-georgedidden.comStormy Weather’: A hurricane of bright red, bright yellow, deep purple, and green; 12-18”.







Cosmos 'Xanthos'

Cosmos ‘Xanthos’: This new cosmos has radiant, soft-yellow hues; blooms avishly, from late June to frost; 24” high. 







Clerodendrum thomsoniae-gardenvines.comClerodendrum thomsoniae (Bleeding Heart Vine): A spectacular vine for morning sun or partial shade; likes to be barely moist;  gorgeous white and red flowers; grow in a container with a trellis; available in a 4.5” pot.





Colocasia (Elephant Ear): Full to part sun; tropical texture; other cultivars may be available; available in one gallon pot.

‘Black Coral’: Similar to ‘Black Magic’ in color but leaves are heavily puckered and have blue veins; 4’; needs consistent moisture.       Colocasia 'Black Coral'







Colocasia 'Tropical Storm'‘Tropical Storm’: New variegated introduction is mostly black with a prominent white streak in the center  30” high and wide; great background plant in containers because of height.





Cordyline:‘Red Star’: Dark burgundy red foliage; 36”; available in #1 (1 gallon).








Cuphea 'Sriracha Rose'-'burpeeCuphea ‘Sriracha Series’: Choose pink or rose; 24” high and wide with many spikes; endless source of color; have used a similar series in my containers the past few years and loved it; available in 4.5” pot.








#2 Exp Cuphea Pink


Cyperus: Moisture and water loving grass-like plant but keep crown above water; useful in water gardens but also in moist soil in ground or in containers; sun or partial shade: available in #1.

Cyperus 'BabyTut'‘Baby Tut’ (Dwarf Papyrus): 18-24”.







Color echo of container with building walls; Cyperus 'King Tut'; 8/23/06‘King Tut’ (Papyrus): 48-72”.







Fuchsia 'Eruption' ‘EruptionA trailer for hanging baskets or windowboxes; literally smothered with wave after wave of hot-pink, elongated flowers throughout the summer; available in 4.5” pot








 Gomphrena 'Fireworks'‘Fireworks’: A showstopper in the garden and conversation piece when cut for a mixed bouquet; unique; strong, tall stems topped with exploding bursts of full, large, 1″ pink blooms tipped with bright yellow; grows quickly to form a full, dense, landscape specimen; 3-4′ tall and 1-2′ wide; full sun; available in 4.5” pot.






Gomphrena Las Vegas‘Las Vegas MIx’: A mix of white, pale rose pink, and deep purple; 18” high, a good height for the middle of the border or a container; attracts butterflies and hummingbirds; great for fresh and dried bouquets; available in 5” pot.






Gomphrena 'Pink Zazzle'; OFA; 7/16/13‘Pink Zazzle’: Grabs your attention with knock-your-socks-off color; was the consistent winner at trials; 3” wide, large, hot pink to fuschia blooms last several weeks in the garden or as cut flower; grows 16-24” in a container; full sun; available in 5” pot.






Helianthus Sunsation Flame and Yellow-whatasunsation.nlHelianthus Sunsation Flame or Yellow: An extremely compact, dwarf sunflower; well branched plants produce up to five flowers per stem over a long flowering period; pollen free heads; striking when planted in containers or border;  20-25” high; full sun; available in 4.5” pot.






 Impatiens Fusion 'Peach Frost'
Impatiens Fusion Series: Unusual colors for Impatiens; available in yellow or apricot; seashell shaped 1 1/2-2″ blooms with morning sun and afternoon shade or high-filtered shade in beds with 3 to 4 inches of organic matter to raise the beds and give good drainage or in containers; also, work in a slow-release, balanced fertilizer; will grow 12-16”; combine well with foliage tropicals; available in 4.5” pot.





Impatiens Fusion 'Glow'-awaytogarden.comImpatiens Fusion Series (Continued)






Impatiens New Guinea Divine Series-gardencrossings.comImpatiens Divine Series: A hybrid New Guinea; not subject to the downy mildew that afflicts regular Impatiens; filtered sun; 12-14”; need consistent watering; available in flat or 4.5” pot.*







Impatiens - SunpatiensImpatiens – Sunpatiens: These will probably replace New Guinea Impatiens eventually because they will even thrive in Texas heat according to my friend Jimmy Turner who was Director of Horticulture at the Dallas Arboretum; hybrid of shade Impatiens and New Guinea; quoting Jimmy:”Just like other impatiens, they do require quite a bit of watering, but I’ll share a secret with you to make any impatiens flower more and stay shorter: Let them wilt between watering, and I mean let the tips hang down before you water. Since all impatiens are native to the equator they are used to only two seasons, hot/wet and hot/dry. If they start to dry out a little bit they kick into reproductive mode and will flower much heavier for you”; prune back if too big or tall for you; 2’; available in 4.5” pot or hanging basket.





Laurentia 'Beth's Blue'-friendsschoolplantsale.comLaurentia ‘Beth’s Blue’: Have been growing this in containers for the past few years and love it; true blue stars that last all summer and fall; drought tolerant; 12-14”; finely textured foliage; full or afternoon sun; available in 4.5” pot.







Lobularia 'Silver Stream'-gardenharvestsupply.comLobularia: A great improvement on the traditional Alyssum that reseeds everywhere; this plant is sterile (grown from cuttings not from seed) so instead of making a dozen new plants from seed in the second half of the summer, it produces more and more flowers; very heat tolerant; ” high wide; good in the ground or in containers; available in 4.5” pot.






Osteospermum Akila® Mix-harrisseeds.comOsteospermum Akila®Mix: Finally, an opportunity to purchase these by the flat (of 18) instead of purchasing in pots; lovely mix of purple, rose, and white daisy-like flowers; non-stop blooms all summer long; some drought tolerance; 10-15”.







Oxalis: Sun or partial shade; 6-10” x 10-12”; somewhat drought tolerant; available in 4.5” pot.

Oxalis 'Charmed Wine'‘Charmed Wine’: Wine foliage with white flowers.









Oxalis 'Molten Lava'‘Molten Lava’: In low light, ‘Molten Lava’s foliage is chartreuse; in sunnier sites, it’s golden yellow; golden yellow flowers.







Oxalis 'Zinfandel'‘Zinfandel’: Wine-red leaves with yellow flowers.









Pennisetumavailable in #1:

Pennisetum 'Fireworks' in sun-1‘Fireworks’: An eyecatching annual fountain grass with a burgundy midvein flanked by hot pink margins; redder in sun, pinker in shade; 24″; pink plumes in summer and fall.








Pennisetum Vertigo‘Vertigo’: Broad deep purple foliage; does not flower; 3-4’.






Petunia: (All are fragrant)available in 4.5” pot

Petunia Crazytunia 'Sparky'-newplantsandflowers.comCrazytunia ‘Sparky’: Magenta and yellow irregular bicolor.







Petunia Easy Wave 'Plum Pudding Mix'-wave-rave.comEasy Wave ‘Plum Pudding Mix’: Flowers are a mix of rosy purple and pale purple with dark purple veins. 








Petunia 'Merlin Blue Morn'‘Merlin Blue Morn’: This petunia blooms with a wide purple edge and a white center but fades to lavender blue; neatly mounded plants 15-20″ tall and 18-30″ wide. 






Petunia Supertunia Bordeaux-PW

Supertunia: Very heat and drought tolerant once established in the ground or pot;  do not need deadheading to continue flowering nor do they become leggy; fast growt equals need for ample moisture and fertilizer; 6-12” x 36”; sun to bright shade; new color this year is ‘Pretty Much Picasso,’ a violet purple edged with lime green.







Petunia 'Blue Vein' Supertunia: Slightly smaller, 6” x 24”.







Petunia Surfinia 'Sky Blue'-pinterest.comSurfinia: Cascading petunia, 6” x 40”.








Ptilotus 'Joey' ‘Joey’: A native to central Australia, Ptilotus offers exceptional beauty and the side benefit of heat and drought tolerance; large, feathery bottlebrush, pale lavender flower spikes atop thick, silvery green foliage; excellent as an accent in mixed containers or as a compliment in annual flower beds; partner with Eucalyptus ‘Silverdrop’, lavender Pentas, and Salvia ‘Evolution’ for a show stopping combination; sun; 14”; available in 4.5” pot.






Rudbeckiaavailable in flats or 5” pot:

Rudbeckia 'Autumn Colors'-parkseed‘Autumn Colors’: Flowers more than double the size (5-7” across) of traditional varieties; 20-24” tall and 12-15 inches wide; color varies; excellent cut flower.







Rudbeckia 'Cherry Brandy'‘Cherry Brandy’: Attractive, cherry-colored blooms all summer long, triumphing over heat, drought and poor soils! Stunning when planted in drifts in borders or can be planted in large containers to create a feature plant on a patio or terrace; flowers average 3-4 inches in width, 24 inches in height; sun or part shade.







Rudbeckia 'Denver Daisy'-wff‘Denver Daisy’: Huge yellow flowers with flat dark brown cone surrounded by dark red halo; best in average to dry soil; may perennialize; 2’.







Snapdragon 'Twinny Peach'-plantingqueen.comSnapdragon ‘Twinny Peach’: Butterfly flower (double); unique color is a blend of peach, yellow and light orange; 12”; sun or light shade; available in flats.









South perennial garden: Cleome tall white, Gomphrena pink,  Perovskia, Talinum 'Limon', Lobelia 'Fan Blue', Lavandula; Levin; 10/17/14Talinum ‘Limon’: Chartreuse foliage; delicate, wiry flower stalks with fine, see-through texture; minute hot pink flowers followed by carimine-colored small seed pods that are showier than the flowers; 3’ in full sun; seeds prolifically but seedlings easy to pull if unwanted; available in 4.5” pot.








‘Kauai Series’: Only 8” but loves heat and humidity as well as shade; available in flats.

Torenia 'Rose Moon'‘Rose Moon’: Tubular rose and pale lavender flowers with yellow markings; bloom all season; filtered sun or part shade; thrives in high humidity and heat; trailing habit; vigorous; self-cleaning and well-branched; great in hanging baskets or other containers; needs no deadheading; available in 4.5” pot or hanging basket.





Torenia 'Summer Wave'‘Summer Wave’: Similar to ‘Rose Moon’ but has tubular blue flowers with purple throat; available in 4.5” pot or hanging basket.






Torenia 'White Moon'‘White Moon’: Similar to ‘Rose Moon’ but has tubular white flowers with yellow markings; available in 4.5” pot or hanging basket.





Torenia 'Yellow Moon'‘Yellow Moon’: Similar to ‘Summer Wave’ but has tubular yellow flowers with purple throat; available in 4.5” pot or hanging basket.








Verbena bonariensis-1Verbena bonariensisCertainly not new but a reseeding annual that you should not be without; great all summer and fall until frost; 4’ tall but very narrow; looks great sprinkled through the garden or massed; light purple; sun or light shade; dry or moist; available in flats.






Verbena, trailing:

Verbena 'Candy Cane'; OFA; 7/16/13‘Candystripe’: Pink and white star pattern bicolor; available in 4.5” pot.







Verbena 'Pink Ballet'

‘Pink Ballet’: Pale pink and rose pink bicolor; available in 4.5” pot.









Verbena Tiara-Mickey Blue-Lavender-newplantsandflowers.comTiara Mickey Lavender Blue: Dark purple center with paler surrounding petals; stunning; available in 4.5” pot.






Vinca Cora Cascade: Disease resistant, heavy flowering, 12-14” or in container as a trailer; glossy, dense green foliage, full sun and regular watering; available in 4.5” pot.

Vinca Cora Cascade 'Blackberry'-swallowtailgardenseeds.comBlackberry’: Dark purple with white eye.






Vinca Cora Cascade 'Cherry'‘Cherry’: Hot pink with white eye.






Vinca Cora Cascade 'Peach Blush'-learn2grow.comPeach Blush’: White with red eye.






Vinca Cora Cascade  'Strawberry'-flintwood.netStrawberry’: Pink with dark eye.






Zinnia 'Profusion Mix'-hidden-gardens.comZinnia ‘Profusion® Series’: Tough zinnias with excellent mildew resistance; drought tolerant once established; wide range of colors; 12”; sun; available in flats.