Perennial and Shrub Offerings

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First number refers to quantity available; number in parenthesis is pot size
  • 1 Allium schoenoprasum (5PT): Chives are a perennial herb that is a valuable addition to the kitchen garden or to the landscape; just plant near the kitchen door so you can snip the leaves for garnish or for a slightly oniony flavor; small, lavender, ball-like blossoms in May and June are edible; drought tolerant; sun or partial shade; zone 3; $4.50.

  • 1 Aruncus ‘Misty Lace’ (QT): This Goat’s Beard is an intermediate size growing to 1.5-2’ tall and wide; creamy white panicles in June on 2’ stems; fern-like foliage; partial shade and regular moisture; zone 3; $7.

  • 1 Asclepias incarnata ‘Cinderella’ (#1): Swamp Milkweed is perfect for a moist spot or a rain garden; fragrant rose pink flowers on 3-4’ stems in July and August; flowers followed by attractive seed pods (to 4″long) which split open when ripe, releasing silky-haired seeds easily carried by the wind; flowers are very attractive to butterflies as a nectar source; plant also serves as a food source for the larval stage of Monarch butterflies; deep taproots; best left undisturbed once established; foliage slow to emerge in spring; native; zone 3; $9.

  • 1 BrazelBerry™ Raspberry Shortcake™ (#2): A dwarf red raspberry variety with full-size berries; plants thrive in containers as well as the garden and require no staking; thornless canes; sends out many new canes each spring that produce more midseason fruit every year; 3’ high and wide; self-pollinating; zone 5; full sun; $25.

  • 1 Buddleia Buzz™ ‘Sky Blue’ (#1): A dwarf butterfly bush smothered with light blue to pale lavender flowers from midsummer until frost; attracts bees and butterflies; eventually 3-4’ high; full sun; zone 5; $10.

  • 1 Campanula poscharkyana (4”): Serbian Bellflower is an excellent groundcover for partial shade; heart shaped evergreen foliage and lavender-blue star-shaped flowers in May and June; only 3” high’; zone 3; $4.50.

  • 1 Carex siderosticha ‘Variegata’ (4”): This green and white variegated sedge is a boon for the shade gardener; spreads slowly into a weed-suppressing groundcover; the linear texture combines well with ferns; only 4” high; $5.

  • 1 Chrysanthemum ‘Bronze Elegans’ (4”): Appears to be a sport of ‘Mei-kyo’; double flowers open to a lovely coppery bronze with pinkish undersides – as flowers fade, a striking yet subtle stripe of pale yellow and orange becomes apparent; 3’ unless pinched in June; blooms in October and November; zone 4; $5.

  • 3 Eupatorium purpureum ‘Little Joe’ (#1): A dwarf cultivar of Joe Pye Weed that only grows 3-4’ high; flower is a dome shaped cluster of dusty-rose florets; attracts butterflies; native; full sun to light shade; zone 4; $9.

  • 3 Geranium cantabrigiense ‘Biokovo’ (#1): Chosen by the Perennial Plant Association as the 2015 Perennial of the Year; read full description in Gleanings; $9.

  • 1 Heuchera ‘Brownies’ (4”): A H.villosa hybrid, meaning that it is drought tolerant and robust; this one features green foliage with purple underside; keeps its color during the winter; extremely vigorous; will expand to 2’ diameter within 2 years and will seed; creamy flowers in September; full sun with adequate moisture or partial shade; zone 4; $7.50.

  • 1 Heuchera ‘Citronelle’ (6”): Another H.villosa hybrid; this one features unique chartreusy yellow foliage that keeps its color during the winter; creamy white flowers in late summer; lights up the shade; great with blue Hostas; drought tolerant; deer- resistant; 12”; zone 4; $9.

  • 1 Juncus ‘Dreadlocks’ (6”): Twisted spikes of bright blue-green spiraling out in all directions; wet or average soil in landscape or container; looks great mixed with Coleus; zone 4; sun to part shade; $7.

  • 3 Penstemon digitalis ‘Dark Towers’ (#1): A vast improvement on ‘Husker Red’; foliage is darker and keeps its color in full sun but can be grown in part shade; pale lavender flower spikes bloom in June and the dark purple deadheads lend added interest until at least October; 3’ tall; zone 3; $11.

  • 1 Rosa Oso Easy™ ‘Fragrant Spreader’ (#2): This series of roses is wonderful for those of us who don’t want to spray for black spot; never saw any in the six years I grew it; needs a big space in full sun; only 2’ high but 6’ wide; added fall interest with orange-red hips; $15.

  • 1 Saruma henryi (5PT): A rare Chinese ginger with butter yellow flowers in May and sporadic rebloom throughout the summer; velvety, heart-shaped foliage; starts slowly but eventually spreads to become a clump 18” tall and 24” wide; when mature, will seed sparingly; zone 4; $9.

  • 2 Verbascum bombyciferum ‘Polarsommer’ (5PT): A real eyecatcher; large, felted, gray becomes green during summer; foliage; 6’ stalks of clear yellow flowers in June; reblooms on the laterals if cut back; a biennial that seeds modestly; move the seedlings around so there aren’t too many in one area; deer resistant; full sun; very drought tolerant; zone 4; $9.