“The first thing I want to say about Bobbie Schwartz is that she is a master at creating environments. I have worked with Bobbie for over twenty-five years and have nothing but praise for her artistic skills. Our journey together began with my nondescript lawn, which amounted to little more than plain patches of grass. Over time, she has transformed all that ordinary grass into a garden wonderland. Armed with natural talent and an extensive palette of knowledge, she has used the bare elements of a yard and blended the shrubs, trees, flowers, and grasses in expressive ways to create a harmonious and elegant whole. Together we have worked out colors and themes and brought a shared vision to life. My lawn is now a composed garden, much like a symphony, with each note playing off the next. I have enjoyed watching the bold and often nuanced changes over the years. I marvel at the ease with which she can create such beautiful spaces. Bobbie is truly a professional and this becomes evident in how she works with her clients. She has always been responsive to my ideas and requests and is very skilled at interpreting them in such a way as to be reflective of who I am and what I want. When I sit outside in the garden, I feel that I have entered into a sacred space, a place of devotion, tranquility, and peace. Not only is Bobbie a professional, with an established aesthetic philosophy, her integrity and responsibility are beyond reproach. She always follows through on projects and I never worry that our projects will be neglected or forgotten. The care and attention to detail she puts forth are exceptional.” – Louise M., Cleveland.

“Bobbie’s Green Thumb planted our entire perennial garden (designed with my input) in the front and side of our new house in 1989. I have enjoyed the garden each day since it was installed. Without BGT I would not have been able to start such an ambitious garden that has given me, my family and my neighbors so much pleasure over the past 22 years. I have hired BGT to help fine tune areas of the garden as time has moved on. Bobbie is always ready with new ideas she has cultivated from her extensive travels and from the leadership roles she has taken in the horticulture community.” – Nancy B., Beachwood.

“I had won an auction item for an hour of landscape consultation and I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Bobbie was amazing! She arrived exactly on time and we spent an hour reviewing my yard, including what to plant, take out or cut down. She also gave me some ideas for trouble spots and deer. After her visit, Bobbie followed up with an email listing out all the plants we had discussed, providing their names and latin names. I’ve told so many people about this experience. It was so wonderful and worthwhile that I will tell anyone who is looking for direction on how to deal with their yards to call Bobbie. I am so thankful.” – Nicole C.

“I wanted to thank you again for the time you spent with us just before we left for Florida. We have spent a lot of time working on the yard and I’ve been reading a lot about native Florida plants. We worked hard to select plant materials we hope will be hardy, once established. Coonties and needle palms seemed best for the low foundation plants under the front windows. We are trying a dwarf Asiatic Jasmine for some ground-cover as a ‘Florida friendly plant.’ The local expert liked your suggestions, except for sedum. We discovered a couple of Agaves buried in weeds along the back fence and have relocated them to a new bed. We bought a native yucca to try and plan to use your idea of putting in a couple of trellises in the backyard, but didn’t want to do too much until we see how things look in March. We will work on establishing what we have until Spring when we might add a little more. I have about a three year plan in my head, and your consultation really inspired us. You helped us create a vision, and your suggestions were right on!” – Polly S., Northeast Ohio.

“We both so appreciate your time and expertise. I feel that you heard us and can work with us to create our outdoor spaces with what we would like. As I looked at different people and companies to see who to call to help us with the designs, I got to your website and got an intuitive “hit” that you may be the one. So, I am happy and Richard also, to have this chance.” – Donna F., Cleveland.