Landscape Design Services

“Landscape Design” is almost misleading. It turns out that I do much more than just design gardens, as consulting, installing, and maintaining landscape all share an equal piece of the pie. I have a deep passion for all aspects of my profession, and I take great pride in building gardens that will look as good years down the road as they did the day I finished installing them.

My team and I offer a comprehensive landscape design experience. It is more than just building a garden; it is about achieving beauty and sustainability. Below, you will see the four-step process that I believe is crucial in doing so. 


Landscape Design Services


Usually a one-hour visit with the client to examine the property to decide what, if anything, is worth saving, the factors influencing design such as light, moisture, wind and soil consistency, a discussion of the client’s needs, wants and dreams and how to achieve those within the client’s budget. The consultation fee is a set fee.


The process of creating a plan on paper which evolves from the discussions during the consultation. At the end of the process, during which the client will be consulted for input, the client will be presented with a plan, a plant chart and an estimate for installation. The design fee is based on my hourly rate.


Although the plan can be put out for bid, I discourage this because the result frequently bears little relation to my design. Most of my clients allow me to choose the installer I believe is best suited for the job. I order all plant material and arrange for its delivery. I oversee the installation to be sure that it conforms to my specifications. My time spent on oversight of an installation is included in the installation estimate.


I have one subcontractor who specializes in pruning and perennial garden maintenance. We do pruning of woody material for some clients on an annual basis. For perennial gardens, we usually visit once a month but more frequent visits can be arranged. This service is performed on an hourly basis.