Garden Coaching and Consultation


What's a Garden Coach?

An experienced gardener who can answer your questions and demonstrate various gardening techniques to you. A relatively small investment for one hour of my time will leave you prepared to knowingly care for your landscape.

If you have purchased a home

I can identify what you have and the care that will be needed.

As a gardener for more than forty years and a landscape designer

I can help you, whether you are totally new to gardening or have some experience but not as much knowledge about how and why things happen in the garden

Do you know...?

  • Do you know the differences between kinds of mulch?
  • Do you know how many inches of mulch are best?
  • Do you know about soil amendments?
  • Do you know when to prune (not all plants should be pruned at the same time)?
  • Do you know that where you prune will determine the direction of the plant’s growth?
  • Do you know how to plant?
  • Do you know that you should unwind a plant’s roots before putting it in the ground?
  • Do you know that you might need to cut off some of a plant’s root system before putting it in the ground?