Bhushan Property

Bhushan Property

The client owns a typical two family house in Cleveland Heights. She wanted to get rid of all the grass (in very poor condition) and have a relatively low maintenance landscape with year round interest that would not need irrigation after the first year. She also wanted a patio in the back on which she could place a canvas gazebo.

The design is based on wide, sweeping curves. We designed a new, pervious sidewalk in the front that utilized old, unused stone already on the property and a concrete walk and patio in the back due to budgetary constraints. Many plants are repeated in both front and back to achieve a feeling of unity.

The plants cover a wide spectrum but all are drought tolerant and ones that are often seen in the Cleveland area. Thus the xeric nature of these plants does not mean that the landscape looks like a desert.

For more information on the xeriscape design, visit the sustainable gardening section.