Container Theme Gardens

December 20, 2018 Books, Gardening, Perennials
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This is a book written for those who don’t have space for in-ground gardening, only have enough time.

Did You Feel That?

October 14, 2016 Gardening, Landscape Design, Plants
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One of the easiest senses with which to design is that of touch, also described as texture. As.

The Holiday Bookshelf: Foliage

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Even though reams of information is available to us on the internet, for inspiration I turn to books..

A Harbinger of Spring – Celandine Poppy

April 3, 2012 Gardening, Landscape Design
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One of the harbingers of Spring is Stylophorum diphyllum, the Celandine Poppy.  Its slightly felted, pinnate, very lobed,.

Fall Color with Perennial Foliage

September 28, 2012 Gardening, Landscape Design
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  Everyone loves color but it doesn’t have to come from flowers. There are several perennials that have.