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The Design Puzzle

Written by Bobbie Schwartz, “The Design Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together” is a compilation of articles written for several publications, now put into a logical progression. The book is divided into four sections that discuss the elements of landscape design, using plant material (mostly perennials and ornamental grasses) in a designed way, plant material that works in specific site situations and seasons, and some humorous reflections on plant obsession. The information provided would be useful to the landscape designer and to garden centers for employee education as well as sales to the home gardener.

Media Recognition

Bobbie was recently chosen by Fine Gardening as one of 42 gardening experts from around the country to select their favorite plants.Check out her favorites in the Mid-west and Plains.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer spotlighted Bobbie for her work in designing and creating xeriscape gardens, a low-maintenance garden that requires very little water. Read the article.

Reviews by Bobbie

Bobbie reviews some of the most recent titles in the fields of landscape design and gardening. Her reviews are written for the Ohio Landscape Association, the Ohio Nursery Landscape Associationand printed in their publications but the reviews should also be invaluable to home owners. Read Bobbie’s latest reviews: The Fireside Reader and The Holiday Bookshelf 2011.