Winter Reading

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Winter is finally here. Although December is supposedly part of winter, we had barely any snow and the.

The Holiday Bookshelf – The Modern Cottage Garden

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Oh my goodness! Who could have imagined a foot of heavy snow on December 1st? I hope your.

The Holiday Bookshelf 2020 Edition, Part 2

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I know Thanksgiving is approaching and time will be short but I want to continue with my suggestions.

The Fireside Reader: Hellstrip Gardening

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Have you or one of your clients ever despaired about the treelawn, known in some areas of the.

Links I Love

July 1, 2014 Reviews
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If you are looking for interesting plant and garden-related websites, I suggest starting with the following sites, where.

Reviews by Bobbie

June 30, 2014 Reviews
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Bobbie reviews some of the most recent titles in the fields of landscape design and gardening. Her reviews.