Forsythia’s Plea

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To paraphrase an old song, “Oh, give me a home where a plant can roam…..” As I drive.

Landscape Renovation and Maintenance

October 24, 2014 Gardening, Landscape Design
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Many people look at their landscapes now and think that something should be done to improve them in.

Fall Tree Care

November 7, 2013 Gardening, Landscape Design
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A few years ago, in one of the many horticultural magazines to which I subscribe, I read a.

Winter’s After Effects

May 15, 2014 Gardening, Landscape Design
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After an especially harsh winter, spring returned briefly to Cleveland and then morphed into summer. Although we’ve been subject.

Tools I Can’t Live Without

February 20, 2012 Gardening
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Gardening isn’t all joy. Watching the garden evolve and change with the seasons is one of a gardener’s.

Winter Hedge Care

March 19, 2012 Gardening
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The month of March is the perfect time to evaluate and prune hedges. Most evergreen hedges can be.


April 30, 2012 Gardening, Landscape Design
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By now, Clematis are in full leaf. If you are puzzled about how or whether to prune, relax..

The Secret Garden

January 22, 2012 Gardening
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I hadn’t read The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, since I was a kid but a friend.