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Good Intentions

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While I was working in the garden this fall, catching up with the weeds and severely pruning some.

Herbs for the Perennial Garden

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I wish, as does almost every gardener, for more space. Then I could have an herb garden, a.

A Perennial Bonus – Seedheads

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Every garden needs a bonus or two or three or more and it’s easy to do. Just include.

Tucson Impressions

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I’ve always loved the Sonoran Desert landscape as well as the attendant art. I jumped, therefore, at the.

How Can We Make Our Landscapes More Sustainable?-Part III

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Whether starting from scratch with a new house or renovating a landscape, most homeowners forget to think about.

Holiday Time

December 9, 2022 Gardening
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I like to think of myself as well-organized but this year, I seem to have been caught unaware.