Tried and True but New: Aka, Old Favorites, New Cultivars

January 16, 2015 Landscape Design, Plants
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I love Sedum but, in recent years, I’ve become enamored with the shorter ones because they’re don’t fall.


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In the ideal perennial garden, something of interest is occurring most of the time but there can be.

Sustainable Roses

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Mention roses to most people in the green industry or to the general public, and the first images.


July 1, 2014 Plants
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Carex – Sedge: Sedges are as highly ornamental as grasses but tend to be. Happily, like the grasses, they are.

Native Plants for Northeast Ohio – Panicum virgatum

June 22, 2014 Plants
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Ornamental grasses cover a large part of the earth. Everywhere we go, we see them swaying in the.