In my mind, I used to chastise my mother for being an ostrich. When events were not to her liking, she stuck her head in the sand. These days, I understand all too well how useful that attitude is. I hesitate to read the paper thoroughly or watch the news. Where is the good news?

All that aside, I am a most fortunate woman who counts her blessings every day. I am thankful for:

Niki and Bobbie at 50th anniversary party

Fifty-five years of marriage to the best husband imaginable

Thanksgiving lunch 2017

Three beloved children and four grandchildren – how can they all be college or graduate school age?

Good health

A fairy-tale house filled with love and laughter, perfect for everyday and for holidays and dinner parties accompanied by good food, wine, friends, and family

A garden just the right size in which to experiment with design and trial new plants

Lots of friends

Severance Hall (home of the Cleveland orchestra) interior

Living in a city with world class music (the Cleveland Orchestra as well as so many other musical organizations), world class health care and caring doctors, and major league sports (excepting the hapless Browns)

Grateful clients who have the patience of Job (most of them) and to whom I express my appreciation by annually donating a percentage of my business income to the Cleveland Foundation and to LAND Studio in their honor

Wonderful associates in the green industry with whom I work or travel

The opportunity to write a book for Timber Press and have it sell so well that it is going into a second printing

My love and best wishes to all of you for the holidays.