The Holiday Bookshelf – The Modern Cottage Garden

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Oh my goodness! Who could have imagined a foot of heavy snow on December 1st? I hope your.

A Study in Subtlety

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In early August, I visited the Lurie Garden at Millenium Park in Chicago with the Garden Writers Association..

Jazzing Up the Perennial Garden – Variegated Perennials for Sun

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The catalogs are starting to weigh down my mail lady so I know it’s time to really start.

All That Glitters

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The snow has arrived and it is beautiful. Forget that you will have to shovel. Enjoy, instead, that.

Old Favorites, New Cultivars: 2017 Edition, Part I

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The perennial world is constantly plastered with marketing for new plants, many of which have not been sufficiently.

Fall Maintenance

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As soon as the leaves begin to fall and the temperatures drop, most gardeners start thinking, “Fall cleanup!”.

High Performance/Low Maintenance Perennials – Part 2

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I want to continue the discussion of high performance/low maintenance perennials that I began in December. So, onward..

Did You Feel That?

October 14, 2016 Gardening, Landscape Design, Plants
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One of the easiest senses with which to design is that of touch, also described as texture. As.

Tried and True but New: Aka, Old Favorites, New Cultivars

January 16, 2015 Landscape Design, Plants
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I love Sedum but, in recent years, I’ve become enamored with the shorter ones because they’re don’t fall.

Oh, Those Deer!

April 11, 2013 Gardening, Landscape Design
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Deer may be beautiful but, to gardeners, they are voracious chompers of beloved plants and devourers of our.