Pruned rose with new foliage

Pruned clematis with new foliage on short obelisk

Overwintered cannas now on back patio

Overwintered banana now back in its spot between a Japanese maple and a hydrangea

As I write this post, Mother Nature is thwarting my plans to install a garden and the forecast for the week to come is rain, rain, and rain. However, this past week and a half has been glorious. Warmish temperatures and mostly dry. I was able to prune my roses and clematis. I also took a chance and brought up the cannas and elephant ears I’ve been overwintering in the basement. Then I took an even bigger chance and actually planted my overwintered banana. I can always put a black plastic bag over it if there is a frost warning.

Hyacinthus ‘Pink Festival’

Anemone blanda ‘White Splendor’ with blooms closed at end of day

Anemone blanda ‘White Splendor’ with tulips and Anemone blanda blue

Meanwhile, many of my bulbs are blooming : hyacinths, Scilla sibirica, Anemone blanda, Narcissus, and some of the earlier tulips like ‘Lady Jane’ that the deer haven’t eaten or pulled out of the ground. Sadly, most of my tulips have already been eaten but with advice from a friend, I just purchased I Must Garden Deer Repellent, a spray with a mint scent. I’ll continue to use it this summer when the Phlox paniculata are getting ready to bloom because the deer always seem to find them.

Corydalis lutea with Arabis and Yucca

Euphorbia polychroma

Some of the early perennials are blooming now: the Arabis as discussed in the last post but also Corydalis lutea, one of my favorite seeders, and Euphorbia polychroma for its cheery, bright yellow flowers.

What’s blooming in your garden?