At some point in their lives, everyone has the urge to redecorate. When that urge hits, the ultimate question is, “What will the color scheme be?” Remembering that your landscape is also a room or rooms, albeit outside, the same question is pertinent.

When choosing spring flowering bulbs, please keep this in mind. I’m always dismayed when I see red and yellow tulips planted beneath or near a beautiful pink flowering crabapple or cherry tree. Imagine the same tree with tulips that are two other shades of pink or two shades of purple or a mix of pink and purple. Then you will have a vignette that pleases the eye.

In one of my shade beds, I planted Tulipa ‘Lady Night’ next to Heuchera ‘Color Beauty’ to pick up the pinkish-purple in the leaves of the Heuchera, thus creating a bit of color echo.

What color is your front door? What color are your shutters? Are there bulbs that would echo that color and thus tie the landscape to the architecture? Color echo is a very useful device.